Music is the universal language;
I intend to speak to the world through my music.

Even If VideoThe song "Even If" will also be part of the upcoming new album S. A. L. L.
Directed by: Lorenz Wetscher
Written by: Marshall Titus
Produced by: Marshall Titus & Bente Faust
Recored at: Off Ya Tree Studio / Hamburg, Germany

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Welcome to 2016 everyone, I plan to make this an extraordinary year, starting with the arrival of my new album 'S.A.L.L.'. The message is simple... Send A Little Love.

S. A. L. L. Live

29.01.2016 Mercedes Me Store Hamburg
17.02.2016 RinderMarkHalle
FinoVino Birthday Party Concert Hamburg

I am happy to meet your there. More dates will follow.

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BadgeI am thrilled to announce that I am very close to completing my new album S. A. L. L. ( Send A Little Love). If I must say so myself, this album is EPIC, and CINEMATIC, it’s of course SOULFUL, and it ROCKS !!!!!!

It is the product of my past 3 year journey from Chicago, to making Hamburg, Germany my new home. Join me, and Send A Little Love to the world by pre-ordering my new album S. A. L. L. through PledgeMusic.

When you do, you will gain exclusive access and opportunities in the making of the album, unique content, experiences, and free give away’s.

Join me in bringing S. A. L. L. to the world.

Like A LullabyThe song "Like A Lullaby" is from Marshall Titus's upcoming new album S. A. L. L.
Video: Lorenz Wetscher
Written by: Marshall Titus & Keith Stewart
Produced by: Marshall Titus & Bente Faust
Recored at: Off Ya Tree Studio / Hamburg, Germany

Music and art... art and music, they go hand in hand.

As a child growing up in Chicago, one of my first loves was drawing. I would spend hours lost in my own world drawing. Many of my school classmates and teachers thought I would go on to be an artist / illustrator when I grew up. So did I.

Somewhere along the way, after being bitten by the music / entertainment biz bug, I stopped drawing. For some strange reason I found it difficult to pick up a pencil to even doodle. I don't know what happen. As time went by I never lost the love of art, and artist.

Slowly but surely I started to find my way back to my first love. One of the ways is, I get to be my own art director for my music projects. Which brings me to this present moment.

SALL ArtworkS by Mark FreibothMy new album S.A.L.L. and the artwork for it. That special visual image that represents the message, vibe, I want to attach to the music I have created. The image that will stare out at me and the world for the rest of my life.

Having said all that, I would like to present to you the artwork for the cover of my new album S.A.L.L. created by one of Hamburgs most talented and exciting artist, Mark Freiboth. A very powerful portrait done in ball point pen, this image expresses the energy, emotion, and many layers that my new album S.A.L.L. evokes.

It's an image that demands you to look long and deep into it, just as I hope you listen long and deeply to S.A.L.L.

I thank Mark Freiboth for sharing his extraordinary gift of art with me, and allowing me to share it with you.

Pre-order S.A.L.L. today at

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