Music is the universal language;
I intend to speak to the world through my music.

S. A. L. L. songlistMay 2015 ... The S. A. L. L. recording sessions begin at "Off Ya Tree" recording studio in Hamburg, Germany with my band:
• Julie "Guitar" Schmiedeburg (Guitar)
• Michael Grimm (Drums / Percussions)
• Mathias Grimm (Bass)
• Bente Faust, my Co-Producer / Engineer / Songwriting collaborator.

We recorded 13 songs in 6 days...
it was such a great experience, and was amazingly effortless.

SALL Session 1SALL Session 2sSALL Session 3SALL Session 4Marshall Titus Band SALL

I am happy to inform you about some upcoming performance dates for this new year:

28.02.2015 RinderMarkt Halle / RMH Soundcheck
04.04.2015 Rock Cafe
08.08.2015 Duckstein Festival / Lübeck
17.09.2015 Kulturkirche Altona
25.10.2015 Sing4Life - Schmidtchen Theater
29.11.2015 StageClub Hamburg

Please see each weblink for further informations. I am happy to meet your there. More dates will follow.

I've been busy cooking up my new album... Can hardly wait for you to hear it.

Marshall Titus SALLMarshall GuitarMarshall Keyboard

As we all get ready to say goodbye to 2014, I'd like to say thank you to everybody who have help make 2014 a memorable and productive year for me, and also share a little of things to come.

Marshall Titus 2015To Andrea Cunningham in America, thank you for all your work and support in keeping TeamMarshallTitus alive online... and for our Skype calls • Fritz Darjes and Herb Santos at Made In Hamburg Entertainment, for such a great experience creating the "Send A Little Love" video, and everyone who participated in the making of the video • Darrin Byrd, for creating the opportunity for me to have fun revisiting "James Thunder Early" in the concert version of Dreamgirls... and working with such a great ensemble • Boris Schmakowski, for creating a wonderful website. I enjoyed the whole creative process and conversations along the way with you • Alex Klug and Famara Kasama for your work translating all the text from English to Deutsch on my website • Harriet and Stefan Grundmann, for your friendship, encouragement and support. And all the great fun just hanging out in "Harrys House"... Bonjour!

To all the great musicians I have had the great pleasure making music with... and new friends, Thank you!

A special thank you to Christiane Kasama for believing in, encouraging and working on The GlobalSoul vision with me. It has been an exciting, challenging, and fun year. And I'm looking forward to discovering what 2015 will bring.

And an extra special thank you to my dear Jørgen Kube, who has created a great sense of home, love and support... and great photos on top of it all.

To my family and friends back in The States, I miss and think of you all the time, and promise to make it back for a visit in 2015. To my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew... Vicky, Greg, and Buddy (yes, I still am calling you Buddy) thank you for your continued unconditional love and support... Love you, and see you soon.

I am very excited about all the great projects in the works for 2015. Here's a little sneak peek.

4am session 14am session 24am session 34am session 44am session 5

For the past few months I have been in the studio collaborating on new songs with a great fresh producer named Bente Faust, at Off Yo Tree Studio here in Hamburg. I met Bente through a referral to sing on some demo's he was producing, those sessions have grown into creating several new songs which I am looking forward to sharing with everyone.

For now I will give you a little teaser of "4am"; let me know what you think:

I am wishing everyone a safe and joyfilled holiday... and remember to 'Send A Little Love' 2015!.

Marshall Titus in HamburgSeptember 21st 2014 marked my second year living in Hamburg, Germany. I came here from Chicago to sing at The "Sing 4 Life" benefit concert for HIV / AIDS research, produced by my long time friend Byron Van Jones. I was scheduled to be here for one week... That one week has turned into two amazing years.

The question I'm asked the most is, what made you decide to move to Hamburg, coming from a city like Chicago? Well, let me just say that I was at a point in my life where I needed to change the direction of how things appeared to be going for me, and when the new opportunity presented itself – I took it. A decision I don't regret.

In a relatively short period of time, I have created what I like to call "My Hamburg Family", a strong circle of wonderful, supportive, loving, and nurturing friends, who have helped to make my experience here so welcoming and memorable.

The next most popular question I am asked is, can you speak Deutsch/German now? My reply is "Ich lerne es langsam, aber ich werde immer besser" (I am learning it slowly, but I am getting better). I also wrote a very short poem in Deutsch:

Sei Geduldig

Wo ist der Mond?
Das ist die Frage
Versteckt er sich hinter den Wolken,
aus Angst die Sonne zu sehen?
Oder schläft er einfach nur?
Meine Augen... was wollen sie mir sagen?
Sei geduldig
Sei geduldig
Sei geduldig mit dir

MT black and whiteAlong with picking up a new language, I have also picked up the guitar, which amazes me every time I stand in front of an audience and play it. "Send A Little Love" is the first recording I've ever played guitar on. Piano and guitar are my favorite instruments.

Although there is a great physical distance between Hamburg and Chicago/USA, thanks to technology I still feel very connected to what's going on back home. This distance doesn't soften my pain and concerns over what is occurring in the streets and neighbourhoods in cities such as Chicago, Ferguson, Missouri...The Trayvon Martin tragedy...The Sandy Hook Massacre...The list goes on too long. Don't think that the rest of the world is not paying attention, because the world is watching.

I am so thankful that I am able to express some of my thoughts and feelings through my music/songs. Some might say it's a bit cliché, but my message is in my music: "Send A Little Love ". Compassion for self and humanity is never cliché or not chic.

My life in Hamburg is one of great expansion. I invite you to share my adventure by staying connected with me through my new website. I look forward to hearing from you... So drop me a line, let me know what you think about my music, videos, performances, or just say hello.

Thank you so much,

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