Music is the universal language;
I intend to speak to the world through my music.

send a little love-Video Send A Little Love represents a brand new chapter in my creative, musical, life journey. This is the first song I have written while living in Hamburg via my long time collaborator Keith Stewart in Chicago.
'Send A Little Love' best defines the my brand GLOBALSOUL.

Send a little love my way, send it to me right away ....

send-a-little-love-lyric-sSongs can soothe, heal broken hearts, or lift and inspire people to rise to greatness. It is my strong desire at this time, not just as an artist but as a concerned human being to offer to the world music and songs that will penetrate through the intensity of our current times and experiences, and touch that ageless, timeless cord within each of us that recognizes peace, compassion and humanity for ourselves and others.

After two months of planning, and a few delays, the big day for the Send A Little Love video shoot finally arrived. It was a very chilly March, 23rd morning. And very typical of the weather in Hamburg, we started out with lots of sunshine, then a little rain, and a little more sunshine, which was perfect for the video concept.

Fritz DarjesHerb SantosHerb Santos-AbiHerb-Johnny-Waltervideo-shoot-1

Along with my creative production partner Fritz Darjes, and director Herb Santos, we were very excited about how this was going to come together. We auditioned some of our friends for key roles, and invited many more to participate in the shoot. Despite it being so chilly, there was a tremendous amount of warmth generated by everyone involved.


I love the whole creative process – you start with a blank page, just a hint of an idea, then the first mark is made, a line, a word, a sound – a faint image is formed, it begins to take shape, definition – then finally birth.

I want to thank everyone who was apart of giving life to the Send A Little Love video!

Marshall Titus at HH1-TV6:30 in the morning is much to early to have to get up and sing, but I did, and had a great time with Marco Ostwald.

Hamburg1-TV wrote: "Marshall Titus aus Chicago stattete uns heute morgen einen Besuch ab. Wie es dazu kam, dass Marshall inzwischen in Hamburg lebt erzählte er im Gespräch mit Moderator Marco Ostwald. Außerdem präsentierte Marshall zwei seiner Songs und begeisterte damit nicht nur das Frühcafé-Team."

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send a little love-Tour
23. - 25.05.2014 Bispingen, Baltic Soul Weekender
19.06.2014 Hamburg, NewEssbar
19.07.2014 Hamburg, Duckstein Festival
05. - 07.09.2014 Hamburg, Alafia Festival
25.09.2014 Hamburg, Stageclub
28.09.2014 Hamburg, Sing4Life Benefit Konzert

Please see each weblink for further informations. I am happy to meet your there. Peace, Marshall.

With a Stunning Music Video,
Marshall Titus & John Gress Prove Collaboration Is the Key to Empowerment

by Chael Needle, ( )

cover-a-uOn their own, Chicago-based Marshall Titus and John Gress each have an impressive bag of tricks.

Marshall Titus is a singer, songwriter, producer and award-winning actor, with three solo CDs and several theatrical productions, among other accomplishments, to his name. He was part of the pop/R&B group Champaign, his vocal work has graced television and radio commercials, and his songs have been recorded by Linda Clifford.

John Gress has excelled as a photographer. His commerical work has appeared in a multitude of advertising and public relations campaigns, including ones for Chrysler, Lufthansa, and Ben & Jerry's. His photojournalism is carried on Reuters and has appeared in major publications here and abroad. Gress also shoots fashion and editorial (including the cast of Twilight, which appeared recently in Us Weekly and elsewhere), among other genres.

I Will-VideoTogether, working on the HIV-themed music video of "I Will," Titus and Gress make a different kind of magic. Call it a practical magic, for the message of the song and the visuals readily speaks to those who put off going in for an HIV test for fear of finding out that a positive diagnosis will be too much to handle—for oneself and for loved ones.

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