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Album-Cover 'Titus Vol.1'

A collection of songs Marshall wrote and recorded between the years 1987-1997 in Chicago and Cologne, Germany. This is Marshall's first full length CD, currently only available digitally.

Available on iTunes

  1. Intimentely
  2. Good Morning Love
  3. Not in My Wildest Dreams
  4. Don't Worry 'bout Me
  5. Stop the Tears
  6. It's You
  7. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  8. It's You (Remix)
  9. Hah!
  10. Don't Worry 'bout Me (Mark Grant in the House Version)
  11. Naturally
  12. Ecstasy
  13. Ecstasy (Sensual Midnight Mix)
  14. Intimately (Original Version)

Produced by Marshall Titus. Doc O Soc Entertainment Group /Chicago, IL.
Originally released in 1999, repackaged / rereleased 2003.

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