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Music is the universal language.
I intend to speak to the world through my music.

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LP Cover 'Take A Chance'

There is no expiration date on a great songs and music.

My very first record 'Take A Chance' was released in 1984 and thanks to people like Dj Kobex - Funk Freaks Hamburg , "Take A Chance" is attracting a whole new generation of fans.

Poster - The Marshall Plan

2017 was a very productive year for me musically. I started cooking up several new songs in the studio, and can hardly wait to serve them up to the world.

After working with Florian Sigmond and Oliver Schwarz @ HAUS BUILDING SOUND on the music production for The Deutsche Bahn ICE 4 “Slow Jam“ campaign, we decided that we should do a project together. That project turned into 'The Marshall Plan', 5 new songs I am very excited to share with the world.

Screenshot of the 'Even If' video s/w

I proudly present a stunning black&white version of the video 'Even If' from my album S.A.L.L.

Video: Lorenz Wetscher

The video on YouTube

Poster 'Jerkwater Town'

Join me in The Jerkwater Town experience

I had a great pleasure of acting in the exciting new short film by filmmaker/director Lorenz Wetscher, who directed my videos "Even If" and "Like A Lullaby".

DB "Slow Jam – the new ICE" with Marshall Titus

Marshall takes the new Deutsch Bahn ICE 4 on a little "Slow Jam" ride

Dear Deutsch Bahn, Ogilvy & Mather, Bakery Films, Dustin Shöne and crew, House Building Sound, and Bente Faust,

thank you so much for choosing me to be involved in the Deutsch Bahn "Slow Jam" commercial. This represents a major milestone for me… my first voice over / commercial I've done in a foreign language (Deutsch) and the most important professional job I've done since living in Hamburg.

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