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Music is the universal language.
I intend to speak to the world through my music.

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DB "Slow Jam – the new ICE" with Marshall Titus

Marshall takes the new Deutsch Bahn ICE 4 on a little "Slow Jam" ride

Dear Deutsch Bahn, Ogilvy & Mather, Bakery Films, Dustin Shöne and crew, House Building Sound, and Bente Faust,

thank you so much for choosing me to be involved in the Deutsch Bahn "Slow Jam" commercial. This represents a major milestone for me… my first voice over / commercial I've done in a foreign language (Deutsch) and the most important professional job I've done since living in Hamburg.

LegacY – Our Story In Song

LegacY is the quintessential music band of 5 gifted African American men: Darrin Byrd, Fontaine Burnett, Kenneth Norris, Marshall Titus & Randall Hutchins. We will be making history on March 10th.

Screenshot 'A Single Moment'

"A single moment that changed everything, became the turning point in the life of Aaron Night.

It was this one moment when, as a child watching the legendary breakdance crews "Rockforce" competing against 'The Family', that ignited an inextinguishable fire deep within him. Aaron's inner voice takes us on a journey back in time, showing us what it means to develop the inner strength to make dreams come true." (Dominik Wieschermann)

I am so honoured to add my voice to Dominik Wieschermann's short film A Single Moment.

S.A..L.L. Cover

People are starting to talk about the new album S.A.L.L. Read what they are saying:

Review by Jan Woelfer (DE):

Review by Howard Dukes (EN):

S.A.L.L. - CD-Release

S.A.L.L. – my first full length album, since I'am living and working in Germany, is out now!
Released on February 17th 2016.

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