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Music is the universal language.
I intend to speak to the world through my music.

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Send a little love my way, send it to me right away …

Send A Little Love represents a brand new chapter in my creative, musical, life journey. This is the first song I have written while living in Hamburg via my long time collaborator Keith Stewart in Chicago.

After two months of planning, and a few delays, the big day for the Send A Little Love video shoot finally arrived. It was a very chilly March, 23rd morning. And very typical of the weather in Hamburg, we started out with lots of sunshine, then a little rain, and a little more sunshine, which was perfect for the video concept.

John Gress, Julius, Marshall Titus

"With a Stunning Music Video, Marshall Titus & John Gress Prove Collaboration Is the Key to Empowerment." by Chael Needle,

The video on YouTube

John und Marshall @ YouTube