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Music is the universal language.
I intend to speak to the world through my music.

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Screenshot of the 'Even If' video

The song "Even If" will also be part of the upcoming new album. S.A.L.L.. The video ist already on YouTube.

Standbild vom 'Like A Lullaby' Video

The song "Like A Lullaby" is from Marshall Titus's upcoming new album S.A.L.L. , which will be released soon. Watch on YouTube.

Cover S.A.L.L. - Marshall Titus

Music and art... art and music, they go hand in hand.

As a child growing up in Chicago, one of my first loves was drawing. I would spend hours lost in my own world drawing. Many of my school classmates and teachers thought I would go on to be an artist / illustrator when I grew up.

So did I.

S.A.L.L. Songliste

May 2015… The S.A.L.L. recording sessions begin at "Off Ya Tree" recording studio in Hamburg, Germany with my band. We recorded 13 songs in 6 days… it was such a great experience, and was amazingly effortless.

Marshall Titus 2015

As we all get ready to say goodbye to 2014, I'd like to say thank you to everybody who have help make 2014 a memorable and productive year for me, and also share a little of things to come.

To Andrea Cunningham in America, thank you for all your work and support in keeping TeamMarshallTitus alive online… and for our Skype calls • Fritz Darjes and Herb Santos at Made In Hamburg Entertainment, for such a great experience creating the "Send A Little Love" video, and everyone who participated in the making of the video!

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