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Enough is Enough by Marshall Titus

An open letter back home

I don’t enjoy engaging in political conversations, I have never been a politically minded person… Not my comfort zone, but I must say…

So far 2020 has proven to be a great pivotal year in our collective human experience. A global pandemic that continues to test our faith, courage, and fortitude. And if that wasn’t enough, we have the intense and combustive events rocking the very foundation of America.

I have been living in Hamburg, Germany for a little over 8 years now. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, I still feel greatly affected by the state of affairs and events taking place back home.

I have witnessed how America was once respected and looked up to, and now regarded as an embarrassing joke that has many of my friends scratching their head. Unfortunately, it’s no joke, it is embarrassing.

The murder of George Floyd on May 25th of this year focused a global spotlight in full HD (High Definition) on what I consider to be the #1 disease of the nation… RACISM!

It felt to me like we had stepped back in time 65 years, when the world was shown the ugly, mangled remains of 14-year-old Emmett Till, who was horribly, and brutally murdered on August 28th, 1955 in Money, Mississippi. Senselessly because of hate filled, ignorant, small minded, racist people. This tragedy like George Floyd’s murder was the spark that helped ignite The Civil Rights movement of the 60’s

The struggle for human rights, equality, and respect is nothing new. Black Lives Matter is not a trend to be worn as a fashion statement, it is an everyday real-life experience I can personally attest to, no matter where I am in the world.

I remember when I first starting out on my journey as an artist, hearing stories about many great black American performers, musician, artist and writers such as Josephine Baker, Paul Robeson, James Baldwin, Donna Summer, Al Jarreau, Tina Turner, who found success after leaving America.

Their stories all seemed fantastical, courageous, and adventurous to me, and at the same time sad that they had to leave home to find respect and appreciation in a foreign country.

In the back of my mind I always felt I might have to do the same thing. As I sit here now looking back at home from a distance, I sometimes feel a churning in my stomach concerning the safety, health, and welfare of my family and dear friends. Will I have a home to return to, to visit, perform… will I see them again???

I am thankful that I have been given the gift of being able to express my thoughts and feelings through my music and art. As my mission statement says: “Music is the universal language, and I intend to speak to the world through my music”.

More than ever before I feel compelled to give voice to my thoughts and feelings via my new song/video “Enough Is Enough” –

I believe we must change what is in our hearts and thinking before we can change what it is in the world. Love is not an act of weakness, it is an action of great strength.

It can’t be overstated how crucial this upcoming Presidential election is. I implore each of us to focus our energies, frustrations and anger, by voting Nov, 3rd


'Enough is Enough' – YouTube

Open letter back home to America - PDF

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